How to remove window tint?

How to remove window tint

A tinted film for sun and light protection, for example, on the car windows, can be easily removed again. remove window tint This is quick and works without leaving any residue if you follow our tips. You can find out more in the article.

Remove the tint film easily and without leaving any residue

If the tint film is badly processed or damaged, you can easily remove it from the window. This process call de-foiling. Don’t just peel the tint film from the edges. This means that film and adhesive residues can remain on the pane.

  1. First, the tinting film heats extensively with a hot air blower or a steam cleaner.
  2. You can then try carefully to loosen the film at one point on the edge of the pane.
  3. If it works well, carefully and slowly peels off a narrow strip.
  4. Then heat the pane again. Repeat the process of stripping the strip at another point.
  5. This is how you remove the film strip by strip, always following the same principle: heating – peeling off strips – heating – peeling off strips, etc.
  6. If you have entirely removed the film, small adhesive residues may have remained on the window. You can easily remove these with the steam cleaner.
  7. Alternatively, you can remove the residues with an alcohol-based cleaning agent. Put some of the liquid on a swab and use it to wipe away the glue residue.
  8. To allow little force to act on the surface, always peel off the tint film at a 180-degree angle.

The new tint film

If you then want to tint the panes again:

  • get high-quality foils from specialist retailers.
  • The price depends on how translucent and heat-repellent the new film should be.
  • Inexpensive foils cost 20 euros per car window, but they often cannot apply without bubbles.
  • The specialist workshop delivers better results. Foiling the car windows can quickly cost up to 300 euros, depending on the type of film.
  • The result is worth it to most customers.

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