How to use instant pot?

How to use instant pot

Are you still using old gadgets to cook your meal? If yes, you should be with us from the start until the end because you are missing an advanced instant pot in your kitchen. Not having it means that you haven’t heard about it, so you don’t know how to use it. There is no need to worry about it because this is what we are going to explain in today’s article about how to use this versatile and advanced pot.

If you don’t know what an instant pot is, then for your convenience, an instant pot is somewhat equal to that pot you are now using in your kitchen to cook food. The difference in this is that it is more versatile and advanced, and the main thing is that it is electrical and needs no time to cook your food.

If you still don’t understand instant pot, you can Google it to understand it better.

Why is it so liked?

To like something means that there is something special that others don’t have. In the same sense, the instant pot is like because of its smartness. It is so smart that it can cook your food in minutes. If you want to cook chicken in it, you only have to wait for 45 minutes, and your chicken will be ready to eat. It is mostly preferred and loved by those who want to gain or lose body weight because you can prepare your gym diet in no time and with less effort. You can boil chicken in it. Your rice can get cooked perfectly and a lot of other dishes.

How to use it?

No doubt in the simplicity of its usage, but different meals have different procedures to make. The most common of them that all of you cook twice or thrice a week is chicken, so that I will tell you the cooking procedure in this instant pot.

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to change the mode of the instant pot and set it to saute mode.

Step 2:

In the second step, you will start cooking by adding oil to the pot and then adding the chicken or beef you want to cook. After that, add some onions and garlic according to your need and taste and brown them.

Step 3:

After adding your ingredients, you have to change the mode and set the instant pot to the manual option so that it can cook at high pressure. You need to stop the pot first and then click on the button manual to make it possible. There you can see the up and down buttons, which help you set the timer according to the nature of your recipe.

Step 4:

After setting your instant pot, your meal is ready to cook. Please give it a final touch by placing the lid and locking the pot. If you heard some voice during locking, then it means that you have locked the pot in the right way.

Step 5:

In this step, I will tell you how you know that now your meal has started cooking. This instant pot gives you a red button that switches on when the steam gathers and your meal has started cooking.

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