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8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious

Homes are our special spaces where we indulge in our most basic living – eating, sleeping, bathing, lounging and basically simply being. We enjoy beautiful homes but also often get bored of the spaces and often need constant changes to keep the spaces interesting and stimulating. People often keep adding elements to their home space in an attempt to uplift the interiors – but they tend to forget a key factor; that LESS is so much MORE.

The present day world where minimalism is all the fad, less truly is more. Taking away from a space rather than adding to it tends to simplify interiors, contributing towards making it look less cluttered and therefore more luxurious. 

Our homes are our havens, the place we spend more time than anywhere else in our lifespans. If the pandemic and lockdown taught us anything, it is to honour our spaces and treat them well so that in turn, they are able to offer us goodness. In this process, we not only cleanse and declutter the place, but allow only elements that add value to the overall vibe and uplift the energy.

When one is looking to redo their home interiors, it is worth remembering that this is not a difficult feat to achieve and doesn’t require one to spend lots of money and effort. An opulent, luxurious look and feel may be cultivated in certain straight-forward and no-nonsense ways. 

  1. Choose Simplicity – Find Sophistication

As mentioned, with the passage of time, less is increasingly turning into more. Taking away from your space has become the most simplistic way of adding to it and enhancing it. One can manage to achieve a neat and classy look for their spaces by adopting this way. It is wise to decide on a handful of decor with pieces as accents — maybe  a set of three brass or stainless steel Lanterns in a corner of your living room, a classic lamp for a dimly lit part of the house, works of interesting modern art mounted on your walls, tiny accent elements for your coffee table that are in sync and go well with the colours and textures in the room. This is the smarter choice when compared to adding various elements to your space that don’t seem like they necessarily belong in the same place. It is wise to decide against overdoing your interiors as it only results in an overcrowded and cluttered home space.

  1. Luxurious Elements in Seating Area

The key element in curating a home space that screams elegance and comfort is the furniture that is chosen to adorn it. Pillows, cushions, throws and rugs in a range of sizes, textures and colours cause an effect of layering that instantly makes any home feel more detailed, open and inviting. One can bravely choose to play around with the fabrics and colours of the furniture, deciding on elements that seem cohesive together and are able to complement all other elements in the room – like the mantle and the centrepieces. For the upholstery of furniture, it is important to invest wisely in fabrics that convey luxury – like suede, velvet and linen. One can also choose braver options like textured textiles, leather and contrasting patterns on different fabric cutouts. 

  1. Grandiose Lighting for that Spark

Any home’s look and feel is directly impacted by the lighting chosen in each room and corner. If one chooses numerous points to place light sources that are able to bring focus to the spaces they are placed in – it is considered as a good way to make the space look well put together. Investing in lamps – whether table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps or even light fixtures with accents – is always a good idea as they are able to drop the spotlight on your favourite parts in the home. Maintaining a light colour and tone is considered a clever choice, however, one can always get creative and play around with the intensity and focus of light elements to uplift the energy of any space.

  1. Carpets for that Magical Touch

Layers have the knack to make anything and any space look greater. One can choose to add pieces of decor with to and around a room’s arrangement of furniture to achieve a look of opulence and luxury. Carpets go a long way in both layering up a space and adding an element of uniqueness and drama to your space, making it feel and look transformed. Smaller rugs for areas under a coffee table or a sofa contribute in creating boundaries within a single space while also holding the room together by being complementary toward one another. It is wise to be bold and choose interesting carpets like runners around beds or atop tables and often even bathrooms if they can allow for them. One can also choose to place rugs on walls to further enhance your home’s interiors, be it in the living rooms, the foyer, the dining room or even a bedroom.

  1. Materials Matter

One can choose to be boldly artistic in their choice if what decorates the walls in their homes. A choice of small but sparkling metallic installation can do wonders in uplifting the ambience inside your homespace. It is important to remember not to go overboard with this enhancement as it may end up looking like too much. The key to going bold and big and doing more – again – is doing less, keeping it minimal. Gold, silver, copper, bronze elements in wall mounts, lanterns, lamps and decor pieces add copiously to your interiors by uplifting them in style with

  1. Choose Neutrals
    A very simple and easy way to create a space of opulence and luxury is with neutral tones. Wall colours? Opt for a neutral colour and shade. Considering wall art? Choose something mild and minimal in shades of neutrality. Thinking of changing your sofa set? Browse through options with neutral coloured fabrics like beiges, off-whites, nudes, baby pinks and even light browns.
  2. Test out Tiles
    A splattering of tiles can often convey a look of wonderful cheer and charm – making it a genuinely simple and inexpensive way to create a luxurious look for your spaces like your kitchen and bathrooms. You can choose neutral colour tiles or patterned bright ones, either way a whole space can be comfortably transformed with the addition of these fun new elements in them. Get creative! Explore!
  3. Let the Art Speak for your Space
    Elevate and renovate the artwork in your homes with a single dramatic statement piece. When one chooses to display a lise-size or otherwise relatively larger piece of art all by itself, it has a stunning impact on not only the space but also on everyone who witnesses it when visiting your home. Hunt for playful and affordable works of art in thrift stores or at flea markets to fill your home with something original that won’t burn holes into your pockets.

Irrespective of whether you wish to revamp your home space to place it on the market so as to elevate their value or simply to bring in a freshness to your interiors with you never need to be spending too much for genuine change and beauty. Enjoy the process as much as you will enjoy the space once it is revamped!



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