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How long does your hair grow in a month?

How much does hair grow in a month? Let’s unravel one of the mysteries of the universe: why we all have hair on our heads, but we don’t know that  How much does hair grow in a month

We know the story, and we know the looks from western movies: when you want long hair, the dialogue with the hairdresser who is stroking our heads to the sound of “how do we do it?” becomes icy and peremptory—a trim. Whereby trim, we mean “remove those few centimeters that are enough to remove split ends and the most damaged ends and woe betide you if you dare to do your experiments like Edward Scissorhands.”

All clear, isn’t it? And this in case hair growth is our Achilles heel – we want it long, and it seems like it never grows.

On the contrary, if we are fans of the short cut or super fast, we will stay there and watch the moon phases, snails mating, and any other propitiatory rite that can slow down regrowth because … we can’t go and get the cut at the salon every other day as well.

How long does your hair grow in a month

In all cases, the question is legitimate: how much hair grows per month?

Let’s take note because it could also be one of those TV quiz curiosities (and if you win something, drop by and say hello!). Unbelievable but true, hair ranks second in the fast-growing hit parade. Research from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)reveals that. After the podium occupy by the bone marrow. Precisely the hair grows on average in a year by 15 centimeters and. Therefore, by about 1.25 centimeters per month.

But with the length of the hair, everything is relative because ...

Those with curly hair will probably not even notice that the lengths will have gained just over an inch from September to October. Those shortcuts like a mullet, a pixie cut, or a bob will see even the millimeter!

In the middle of this growth control tower is long straight hair that feels the same and unchanged over time.

If we cannot forcefully lengthen them. We can, however, consider extending the life of the hair by treating it to the best of our ability.

Here are three small tricks for the health of our hair:

1) Let’s make the personalized formula mask once more. It is the treatment that improves the appearance of our hair and prolongs its beauty effect.

2) Let’s pause hot styling and reduce the love for the straightener. Those of the latest generation are excellent. But the heat is still stressful. And the most fragile parts of the hair are the first to be affected with split ends and broken hair.

3) Brush the hair well and tame it with the help of oil for the tips. And a little hairspray to keep it tidy and styled.

With these small but precious tricks, our lengths will stay beautiful longer. And we will be able to cut our hair once less without worrying about how many millimeters they are growing!
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