How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

There are now many names for the so-called charging station: charging station, charging point, charging station, or e-charging station. Lots of terms that all describe the same thing. There are private and public charging options for charging your electric car. In this article, we read about How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

At e-filling stations, the operators set the price according to the charged kilowatt-hours (kWh), the duration of the charging process, or a combination of time and kWh. Depending on the charging station, there may also be a basic fee, and at some charging stations, you can even charge your e-car without incurring any costs.

You can also charge your electric car at home: the costs are billed to your electricity provider using your household electricity.

What types of charging stations are there?

In Germany, there are around 34,000 charging stations for electric vehicles, some and all of which are public. Depending on the operator, you can charge your electric car at no cost or pay a price for the corresponding amount of electricity.

In addition, you will find many public quick-charging stations in Germany, which are particularly attractive due to their shorter charging times. If you have to go quickly, you can charge your battery in just 30 minutes or an hour. And it doesn’t stop there: Scientists are researching intensively so that the charging time will only be a few minutes in the future. The network of fast-charging stations is growing continuously in order to make electric cars more suitable for everyday use.

While AC charging stations are mainly used in private houses and in some public parking lots, e- charging stations mostly use DC charging stations. With AC charging stations, the alternating current is converted into direct current via a converter in the car, while with DC systems the current is converted into direct current at the charging station and fed directly into the battery.

Charge your e-car at home: save costs

An electric car is charged with a charging cable on a house.  In the background, a woman goes into the house while she locks the car.

If you want to save yourself the detour to the gas station, you also have the option of conveniently charging your car at your own house. At home, you can either charge your electric car at the household socket or at a wallbox or wall charging station that has been specially set up for it. However, we generally advise against charging your car via the sockets in your house. Ordinary sockets are not designed for continuous heavy loads, which increases the risk of cable fires and short circuits.

Electric Car

Electric car owners who have a private charging option in the form of a garage. Or a wall box benefits from the best prices when they recharge their batteries. The average price per kWh of household electricity is around 30 cents. Those who do not take out a special electricity tariff can charge their e-car. And regulate the costs by billing for household electricity. When installing such a wall box, consumers are now also subsidized by the state with up to 900 euros. You can find out more about this in our guide to KfW funding for the Wallbox.

You can save costs when charging e-cars by choosing an electricity provider who will support you in your e-mobility efforts. At energies, you can z. B. Charge your electric car without an additional electricity contract and electricity meter. You will receive a car electricity bonus in the form of 50 euros credit on your electricity bill.

Conclusion: You can save on charging costs for your e-car when you are out and about

The more people who own an electric car, the more charging options are used. The consumer can choose between (partially) public or private charging points. Particularly interesting.

No matter which charger you choose, all methods you can hold your charge electric car, while cost savings. You can do this e.g. B. with a KfW subsidy or a special electricity tariff for your wall box at home.

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