How to cut a pomegranate?

How to cut a pomegranate?

Cut pomegranate, open, and prepare appropriately

The seeds of the pomegranate are healthy and give dishes and sauces a fruity, sweetish-tart note. To open them, they are cut open and cored—tips for preparation and recipes. In this article, we read How to cut a pomegranate?

Pomegranates are in season from September to February. Most of the fruits we sell come from Mediterranean countries, such as Turkey, Spain and Israel. The trade offers both bright red and yellowish-brownish specimens. These are different varieties. Red fruits often come from Israel, yellowish ones mainly from Spain.

Buy pomegranates and recognize ripeness

The fruits do not ripen after the harvest, so you should make sure to buy as ripe specimens as possible. Rough skin and an already dry flower base indicate maturity. In addition, the fruit should be heavy in hand, and the outer skin should be thick and leathery. Stains on the skin are not a problem, but the fruit should never have soft spots because then it is already rotten on the inside. Ripe pomegranate seeds are deep red, not pale. Only then do they develop their typically sweet-sour aroma.

The fruits can be stored for a relatively long time. They last a good two weeks at room temperature and even a few months in the refrigerator. It is best to wrap opened fruits in some cling film and store in the fridge. This way, they stay fresh for several days.

Slicing and coreing pomegranates: two methods

There are two methods to get to the pomegranate pips: Either cut off the upper part of the fruit and carefully cut into the peel from top to bottom so that quarters are created. Then break the fruit apart and remove the stones from the chambers with your fingers or a spoon. Tip: There will be less splashing if the fruit is broken apart in a large bowl filled with cold water. Then collect the seeds in a sieve.

Alternatively, you can first cut the pomegranate in half crosswise and hold the respective halves in your hand with the cut surface facing down. Hold the fruit halves over a large bowl and tap the bowl vigorously with a wooden spoon until all the kernels have fallen into the bowl.

Eat pomegranate seeds: pure or as a sauce and juice.

Pomegranate seeds taste very good in fruit salads, but they also go perfectly with spicy dishes, such as lamb and game dishes, and are also very decorative. You can sprinkle the kernels over the food or use them to make an aromatic sauce. To do this, sauté the seeds with shallots and a little honey, deglaze with wine and broth, bring to boil and reduce.

Pomegranate juice: ideal for dressings

The sweetish-tart taste of pomegranate juice can also be used excellently in salad dressings as a substitute for lemon juice. The best way to do this is to buy pure pomegranate juice without additives or press the juice yourself. To do this, knead the fruit while it is closed and roll it back and forth firmly on a surface several times. Then squeeze out the juice through a hole in the bowl. If you have an orange press, you can also use it for pomegranates.

Pomegranates are so healthy

In ancient times, pomegranates were a symbol of love and fertility but also of rule and power. Today the fruits are praised as a ” superfood ” because of their healthy ingredients. Pomegranates contain an above-average amount of potassium and other bioactive plant substances (polyphenols), which can protect against inflammation and arteriosclerosis, among other things. It has also been proven to have a preventive effect against prostate cancer.

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