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How To Remove Eyelash Extensions?


Removing eyelash extensions at home is not usually recommended by experts. But it becomes urgent to do it yourself in some cases. Here’s how to remove the DIY eyelash extensions. Both with the use of a special remover and without. Using ingredients and means that we all have at home.

1: Understanding how to remove eyelash extensions at home is very useful, especially when you can’t go to your trusted beauty center.

2: Do it yourself. When it comes to extension eyelashes, it is not recommended. However, even if it is always preferable to contact professionals, it is also possible to do it alone if there is an urgency to remove them.

3: There are two main methods. The first involves using a special remover for eyelash extensions purchased online, in perfumery, or in specialized stores.

4: The simplest do-it-yourself method that does not require the purchase of particular products is the one that uses the heat of the steam and an oil, such as coconut, olive, or even castor oil.

5: In both cases, it is essential to pay attention and ensure that the substances. Used does not come into contact with the eyes. Especially if you follow sensitive skincare or use contact lenses, it is good to act with caution.

When the beauty center looks like a mirage, and you feel the need to get rid of the eyelash extensions, opting for do-it-yourself is possible but acting with knowledge of the facts. The eyes are incredibly delicate, and, unfortunately, it is easy to run into blunders and unexpected events.

Let’s try to understand together how to remove eyelash extensions at home, taking advantage of the help of someone with us or even alone, in complete autonomy, if you don’t have this possibility.


The extension lashes are becoming increasingly popular and widespread, especially those who want to show off fabulous lashes fanned doe and, perhaps, were not helped in this by Mother Nature.

However, you may want to remove the eyelash extensions earlier than expected because they are no longer satisfactory. In the same way, you have to necessarily remove the eyelash extensions alone because there is no possibility to go to your trusted beauty center.

In general, eyelash specialists advise against doing it yourself and for a particular reason. Eyelash extensions synthetic eyelashes applied on top of the natural ones, ending up becoming one with them.

¬†Therefore, the risk is to remove the synthetic eyelashes and “tear” away even the real ones with the danger that they will no longer grow back in that area. Likewise, it is not recommended to shorten eyelash extensions.

We advise you, girls, to use an eyelash serum consistently to make your natural lashes more voluminous. Solid and robust, regardless of lamination or extension.


The first method for the do-it-yourself removal of eyelash extensions is the one that involves the use of a special remover, a product capable of dissolving the glue with which the wings were applied.

Warning: the removers found in perfumery are usually milder than those used by beauty centers. For this, it may be helpful to buy a remover for professional use, to dissolve any residue of the powerful glue used to attach the synthetic lashes.

If necessary, we suggest that you ask your trusted beauty center for advice.

But let’s get to the point. First, make-up should be obliterated from the lashes to understand where the extensions begin clearly. Once this done, apply the remover on an applicator. A brush similar to mascara is fine, and pass it on the lashes. Being careful not to get it too close to the hairline and the inner rim of the eye.¬†

Leave the remover on for about 3-4 minutes. But our advice is to read the instructions on the product packaging because times can vary. Once the glue has softened. Two pipe cleaners or micro brushes move. That goes from the base towards the ends of the.

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