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Difference between bs4 and bs6

The vehicles having a BS6 engine will work only when they get the BS6 fuel in them. It cannot be operated with another kind of fuel. However, in BS4 cars, it is required to use BS4 fuel for its operation. Difference between bs4 and bs6 But, it can also work with the BS6 fuel in it. Both of these fuels are designed with extreme care to address the pollution of the country. It was introduced in India to decline the level of pollution and to make the environment friendlier. 


Both BS4 and BS6 have gained immense hype in the country due to their stunning capabilities. But, these both have specifications that make them distinguished from each other. It is necessary to know these to use the one that suits you the most. 

What is BS4?

BS4 is the acronym of Bharat Stage 4, while BS6 is the acronym of Bharat Stage 6. BS4 can be represented as BS-IV. Some significant changes have been made in BS4. The significant changes that lead to emissions improvement are better ignition control, Electronic Control Unit (ECU), and tailpipe emission. These features ensure to make the environment clean and secure from pollution. 

What is BS6?

BS6 is the latest version of BS6 and is the emission benchmark that aims to reduce pollution to the optimum. BS6 can be represented as BS-VI. BS4 was introduced in 2017, and the main reason for introducing it is to make the vehicle fuel emission standards even more stringent. Both BS4 and BS6 play their extraordinary role in normalizing the emission from the vehicle so that nature can be prevented from harm.

Sulfur Content

The sulfur content in BS6 fuel is relatively low as compared to BS$ fuel. Indeed, it has a sulfur content of about five times less than that of the BS4 fuel. It means if the sulfur content in BS4 fuel is 50 ppm, then in BS6 fuel, it would be ten ppm. So, as a consequence of it, the level for the nitrogen oxide in the petrol engine and diesel engine of Bs6 declines by 25% and 70%.

Affordability: Difference between bs4 and bs6

BS4 cars are the highly economical ones. One can easily afford them. These cost less money as compared to BS6 model cars. The hardware for BS6 cars is expensive too. But it fulfills the standards of new emission. The BS4 vehicle is a good choice for people having a defined budget. BS4 cars offer the flexibility of better performance and fuel economy.

Nitrogen Oxide Emission

In BS4, the vehicle is not allowed to emit nitrogen oxide in the air for more than 80 mg/km. It sets the emission level of the chemicals. However, in the case of the BS6, the efficiency of the emission is set to be even more fabulous. The release of nitrogen oxide for the BS6 fuel is set to be no more than 60 mg for each km. 

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