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Difference between squid and octopus

Many people think that octopus and squid are the same things. However, these are not the same, but they are not the same. 

Octopus VS Squid


The physical appearance of the octopus varies from the squids. Both of these have their own peculiar appearance. An octopus has the head in a round shape while the head of the squids is triangular in appearance. It is the most prominent difference between octopus and squid. 


Squid belongs to cephalopods and comprises the mantle with plenty of arms. These arms are eight in number. The octopus also comprises eight arms at its mantle. However, the arms of the octopus are endowed with rows of suckers. These rows of suckers can be single or two. However, these do not have any sucker rings or hooks. But in the case of squid, there are two tentacles and two fins rather than the row of suckers.


People often think that squid is found to be smaller in size than an octopus. Octopus seems to be quite large and wide in appearance. However, surprisingly, squids are capable of growing up to 20 meters in length. Indeed, the size of the smallest squid is under one inch. In contrast to this, the octopus has the capacity to grow from 1 centimeter to a length of about 9 meters.


Squid often have a greater lifespan than octopuses. Octopuses live for a short duration of time and die. They enjoy a lifespan of up to three years. However, there is the possibility of their life for about five years in the case of squid. Female squid and octopuses often have more lifespan than males. They die in short tenure after the mating. 

Social structure: Difference between squid and octopus

Squid can enjoy living their life independently. They can live on their own, independently. There are also the squids that live in schools. They make a group of their own and then live over there. However, octopuses prove themselves as solitary animals. The only time when they are not representing themselves as solitary animals is the time of mating.

Habitat: Difference between squid and octopus

Most often, the open ocean is the habitat of the squids. However, octopuses reside in the seafloor home. These can easily live in the temperate zones of saltwater. It makes them even more versatile than squids.


The mechanism and tactic for defense vary from one species to another.  When squids feel danger from enemies, then it quickly escapes from the location by dogging the enemy. They do so by expelling the ink cloud in the ocean water. However, octopuses behave differently in times of danger. They reflect defensive mechanisms through changing their color.

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It has the capability to change its color, and hence it hides at a safe location. Another significant way of protection by the octopus is their capability to squeeze their bodies. Hence, they can hide in shells or crevices with ease and make it hard for the enemies to find them out.



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