Difference between highway and freeway

Difference between highway and freeway

When we go out for an outing or vacation, then we experience different types of roads. These roads differ from each other in terms of their features and characteristics. However, many people feel that all roads are the same and do not have any difference between themselves. Difference between highway and freeway It is because they have not observed these quite closely. The two most significant types of roads are freeways and highways.

Highway VS Freeway

The highway is known to be the public road that is responsible for connecting the cities. Highway road connects two cities. Indeed, it is known to be the major feature of this road. When you want to move from one city to another for vacations or any business meeting, you go from the highway. Please get to know about the highway road and move your vehicle towards it. It will take you to the other city quite conveniently. However, the freeway is such a kind of road responsible for connecting the rural areas and city outskirts. 

Intersection Points

Freeway road is the one that does not comprise any intersection points. However, intersection points are of keen significance in the case of the highway road. Highway road comprises intersection points that help in gaining access quite fabulously and effectively with ramps. The number of lanes for the highway is two. However, the number of lanes for the freeway is much more than the highway. It comprises four lanes.


The traffic varies for the freeway and highway. When one drives one’s vehicle on the highway, it is quite convenient to move to the destination. The highway road is much freer to move and does not have much traffic on it. Hence, the speed of driving on the highway is more as compared to other roads. Similarly, the time to reach the destination, i.e., the other city, also gets reduced. However, the situation is much different in the case of freeway roads. The traffic on the freeway road is quite fast as compared to the highway.

Tolls Difference between highway and freeway

Any transportation can be on the highway road. However, the freeway road is the one that restricts vehicular traffic only. All the vehicles passing from the highway have to pay the toll fee. It is because the tolls are available on the highway roads. However, there are no tolls on the freeway, and hence the vehicle can easily pass from the freeway road without paying any fee for it.

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Development and Maintenance

The state and government are responsible for the maintenance and development of the highway road. However, in the case of the freeway road, it is the responsibility of the central government to maintain and develop the road from time to time. Whenever there is any highway road flaw, the state and government utilize the budget to repair and maintain it. However, the central government pays for the flaws and issues of the freeway road. 



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