How much vitamin d should I take?

How much vitamin d should I take?

Vitamin D is very crucial for our body. It is the core vitamin that our body needs. It helps our body to consume calcium.  Deficiency of Vitamins D is very common in people. Before discussing anything else, first, have a look at what Vitamins D is?

Vitamins D contains fat-soluble secosteroids. It has 2 compounds:

  1.       Vitamin D2
  2.       Vitamin D3

Among these 2 compounds, Vitamin D3 is more effective and crucial because it raises the level of vitamin more than Vitamin D2. It is found in oily foods like oily fish, the yolk of eggs, the oil of a fish liver, etc.

Why it is important:

  • Our bones need calcium to be strong, and Vitamins D helps our body to consume calcium. So vitamins D is important to make our bones strong.
  • In addition to this, vitamins D also makes our immune system strong. It also prevents our body from the germs of flu and much more.
  • Research shows that vitamins D also helps our brain to resolve mental health issues.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in our brain. Vitamin D helps to maintain this serotonin.

Why body faces deficiency of Vitamins D:

Our body makes vitamin D, but despite this, we lack vitamin D. Some reasons are mentioned below.

  •  Dark skin color is a cause of vitamin deficiency because the dark color doesn’t absorb Sun rays as yellow color does.
  • The location also matters a lot. People in Northern latitudes where the population is high can fall into vitamins D deficiency. Also, people in high populations face vitamins D deficiency.

How we can recognize Vitamin D deficiency:

Here are some symptoms mentioned below.

  1.       When you feel pain in your bones. Especially in your knees. You observe a crack feeling when going upstairs or walking for a while. It means your body needs vitamin D.
  2.       Muscle pain or backbone pain is also a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency. When you feel pain in any of your body parts, then go for Vitamin D.
  3.       Infections on your body are also due to Vitamin D deficiency.
  4. When you feel tired or restless during your work, this fatigue is due to a lack of Vitamin D in your body.

How much vitamin D should we take:

Measurement of Vitamins D is as follows.

1 micrograms = 40 IU ( INTERNATIONAL UNITS )

 Vitamins D dosage is according to your age.

  • If you are an Infant, you are below 1 year of age. You have to take 400 IU.
  • If your age is above 1 year but below 19, your consumption level must be 600 IU.
  • If you are an adult and your age is up to 70 years, the dosage is the same as for below 19 years.
  • And if you are an adult but above 70 years, then you need 800 IU.
  • For pregnant women, this consumption level would be 600 IU.

 To conclude, every individual should need 10 minutes of sunlight. These UV radiations help to maintain the level of Vitamins D in our body.

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