How to apply for driving license?

How to apply for driving license?

To have a safe and comfortable journey without any problem, you must have your driving license along with you. It helps you in any unforeseen situations. If you have a driving license, you are a professional one. In case of an accident, it will also help you find your relatives. Another benefit that you can avail of from a driving license is finding your lost wallet with it. Does the question arise how you can find it? If you have a habit of keeping your driving license in your purse, then with the help of your request, the person who got your wallet can easily reach you. To enjoy all the above benefits, you must have a driving license. But how do you apply for a driving license?

No need to worry. Because this article is all about “How to apply for a driving license.” It will let you know all the information regarding the license you need for the application, which documents etc. Just stick to us for the next few minutes.

How to apply

You can apply for learner basis, permanent basis, Duplicate basis, and you can also apply for endorsement of your license.

  • For learner license:

To apply for a learner license, you must have the following documents.

  • 1 Photocopy of your I.D. card.
  • Rs.60 Ticket from any post office.
  • It would help if you had a codebook that mentions all the traffic rules and regulations. You will get it from the Traffic Police Office.
  • And your Medical Certificate.

Note: The age limit of learner license for a Bike is 18 years, and all L.T.V.s are 21 years. Its validity is for 6 months.

  •  For permanent license: 

 But if you want to apply for a permanent license, you need more documents. The following are as follows.

  • An application form in a file cover.
  • Your medical certificate.
  • 6 weeks permission letter of 6 weeks ( Original )
  •  Bring three passport-size photographs of yours along with you, and these should be attested.
  • 1 C.N.I.C. attested copy.
  • Rs.100 fee deposit slip in any branch of H.B.L.
  • Mentioned ticket fee according to the category.
  •  Duplicate license:

To make a Duplicate license, you need the following documents.

  • A Duplicate Application form in a file.
  • Your 2 attested photographs and 1 CNIC (also attested).
  •  The police station’s lost license report.
  •  And a ticket according to the category.
  •  To endorse your license:

  If you want to support your claim, then you want these documents.

  • 1 Endorsement form.
  • 1 I.D. card copy and a copy of the Medical Certificate.
  •  2 passport size pictures.
  • Learner permit certificate of 6 weeks (Original).
  • Driving ticket according to the category.
  •  To renew your license:

To restore your request, arrange these documents.

  • Form E application.
  •   2 passport-size photos.
  •   Original driving license and 1 photocopy of I.D. card.
  •  Medical report and a ticket according to your category.

One thing to notice is that there will be no charges within one month. But there will be 50% charges after 60 days and before 90 days. And 100% charges after 90 days and before 365 days.

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