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How to boil corn?

Corns with butter, what a classic combination to eat in summer. Thinking about that crispy corn fills my mouth with water. When I was a kid, my mother usually made sweet corn. Different flavours of corn made my day special. I can still imagine the taste of corn that my mother usually cooked for me. Time flies, and now only the memories are leftover. Like the taste, I still know about the recipe, which I will share with you guys and guide you on how to boil corn.

How to boil corn:

It is very easy to boil corn. It only takes a few minutes to boil corn. The procedure of boiling corns is as under.

Step 1:

Before starting anything in the kitchen, the first step is to wash your hands properly. It will give you the surety of a healthy and clean diet.

Step 2:

In the next step, you have to remove all the stuff from the corn, like the leaves, or you can say the outer coating of the corn. This outer coating is not usable in corn boiling, so remove it to move forward.

Step 3:

Now take some water into the pot, put it on the stove, burn the fire and wait until the water starts boiling. Your pot size and quantity of water vary on the quantity of your corn.

Step 4:

Once the water boils, put the corn in the water. The quantity of the corns depends on the people you will serve.

Step 5:

You have to wait until the corn gets boiled. It usually takes 5 minutes but depending upon your flame. This time can change accordingly.

Step 6:

Once it’s done, remove the pot from the stove, remove all the corn from the pot and add the fillings you like. After that, serve and enjoy the time. In my opinion, butter is the best combo with sweet corn. You can also add different spices to it.

Health benefits of corns:

  1. Corns are very rich in potassium. Potassium makes your blood flow stronger, making your circulatory system strong.
  2. Corns are a source of protein. Protein gives you strength, muscle growth and muscle transformation, making you healthy. Bodybuilders use corn in their diet to make their muscles grow.
  3. Digestion is a very common issue nowadays. Due to junk foods, almost all of us have poor digestive systems. To make your digestive system strong, keep corn in your regular diet because it contains fibre which helps you.
  4. Vitamin C prevents heart diseases which you can get from corn. It keeps your blood level normal that keeps you away from heart attacks and other heart diseases.
  5. If you want to lose weight, then corn is the best option. Taking 1 cup of corn a day with light exercise will surely help you lose weight.

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