How to calculate GPA?

How to calculate GPA?

Therefore, For the evaluation of students’ academic performance. American universities use the semester grade point average (GPA) to measure. The average semester grade point is calculated based on student grades. Grade points and total credits. In the following article, we get to know about How to calculate GPA? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Different from the domestic college entrance examination and postgraduate entrance examination. Although American undergraduate and graduate applications also have standardized test scores. Such as GRE, GMAT, and SAT, the average score of the school in the US undergraduate. And graduate application process, which is the GPA, is equally important. Many schools, because there are too many applicants, often calculate a number through. Standardized test scores and GPA weighted calculations. And first perform a preliminary screening based on the numerical ranking.

How to calculate GPA?

Therefore, GPA, or school grades, has also become an important factor in the application process for studying in the United States. And because GPA reflects the learning attitude and learning ability of students for a period of time, in many cases, it is even more valued by the school than the standardized test.

American university GPA Algorithm

When Chinese students apply to American universities, in addition to the English proficiency test, many universities have minimum GPA requirements.

However, to understand GPA, we must first understand the grades and points of American universities on performance evaluation.

American students’ grades in each subject are calculated based on grades A, B, C, and D. The conversion of grades and scores is as follows:

Fraction grade Points Performance
91-100 A 4 Excellent
81—90 B 3 good
71-80 C 2 generally
61—70 D 1 Difference
51—60 E 0 failed


Therefore, normally, college students can get a grade of C or higher. But for graduate students of the Institute, at least a B grade is required.

GPA is calculated by multiplying the credits of each subject by the grade points, then adding the sum and dividing by the total credits, for example:

  1. So, for each subject, multiply the number of grade points by the credits. For example, calculus is a 4-credit course, the grade is A (ie 4 points), and a calculus subject can get 16 points, then the GPA of this subject is 16 divided by the credits 4 equals 4, that is, the GPA is 4 points.

A free GPA Calculator to calculate GPA

Introduce you to a free GPA calculator from WES, an American score certification agency (WES is an American score certification agency, and some foreign universities require their scores to be WES certification when applying)

However, a total GPA value or even a professional GPA value is not as important as a clear report card. The reason is simple. Therefore, professors often use the results of certain courses. However, in the transcript to measure the degree to which applicants match their research direction. Of course, this is for undergraduates with little research experience. So, these courses are not necessarily professional courses. Nor are they the so-called main courses. So, the key depends on what kind of people the professor hopes to recruit.

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