How to write informal letter?

How to write informal letter?

In the following article, we get to know about How to write informal letter? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Steps to writing an informal letter:

What is an informal letter?

First of all, we will tell you a little more about what an informal letter is …

The informal letter is a means of communication where both the sender and the recipient share an emotional or close bond. In addition, they are usually written through everyday language, that is, colloquial and close language.

If you have doubts about what informal language is, according to SIL International, this type of communication can be understood as:

“Speaks spontaneously in situations that can be described as natural or” real life.”

Characteristics of an informal letter

To finish explaining what an informal letter is, we also want to show you some of its characteristics …

  • Use personal communication
  • Slang and abbreviations can be used
  • It does not have a preset format
  • It can be written in the first, second or third person
  • Active voice is used in writing
  • The sentences are short and simple
  • The extension can be long or short

What are the elements of an informal letter? 

Knowing what an informal letter is, knowing what the parts or elements of an informal letter will be straightforward to write informal letter. In the following lines, we show you the aspects that an everyday letter structure should have. 

In the same way, we remind you that an informal letter does not have an “established guide” because, unlike a formal letter model, you have the freedom to organise your ideas as you wish. Therefore, the elements that we will show you are for reference only: 

  • Date and place 

Putting the date and place in your informal letter will help the person you send the letter to more easily remember the context of when you wrote it.

In addition, these elements are usually placed at the top of the sheet, both on the far left or right. Also, you can write it verbatim or in abbreviated form. We leave you some examples: 

  • The UK, June 23, 2021
  • UK, 06/05/2021
  • Warm regards 

If you wonder how to start an informal letter, you should know that giving a warm greeting is the best option. 

This greeting for your informal letter can begin in several ways. We leave you some examples that will serve as a guide:

  • Dear
  • A pleasure to greet
  • My very dear friend [NAME], how have you been?
  • Hello dear friend, [NAME]!
  • Introduction 

This element is vital as an opening and also to know the why of the informal letter to write informal letter. Although you can avoid it, it is an excellent way to start a paragraph.

In the same way, we leave you some examples:

  • I am writing to congratulate you …
  • I am contacting you to comment …
  • The reason for this letter is to …
  • Text or body of the letter

In this section of the informal letter, you are free to compose your memoirs and memories as you wish to write informal letter. You have to be clear about the message and not go “around the bush” to avoid confusing your recipient.

Also, to make this experience more memorable, creative writing and storytelling will be your best allies. To help you in this process, you can download our storytelling template. It’s free!

  • Farewell 

Now to close your informal letter, you must say goodbye. We leave you some common phrases for this section: 

  • See you soon
  • I love you and miss you
  • Hugs and kisses
  • Goodbye, see you soon
  • Signature 

Although a signature is optional, it will give your informal letter a unique stamp. In addition, it is an excellent way to certify that the letter is your authorship.

Remember that the most important thing is to convey your message in the best way to your loved one. If being creative is difficult for you, we have a perfect Blogspot: Creative Writing Ideas. You tell us how it goes!

We hope that you now know more details about what an informal letter is and its various elements. Do not detach yourself from the note that we have more to tell you.

How to make an informal letter? 

If you have reached this point in the note, you should already be clear about an informal letter and its characteristics. Now the next step is to know how to write an informal letter …

Do you already have the ideas but don’t know how to write the letter for your friend? Do not worry! We share with you the steps you must follow :

  1. Find the reason for your note and, of course, the recipient. 
  2. Find the ideal medium. You can do it in handwriting on a sheet, but also make an informal letter in Word. It is the most basic and used tool. If you want to add more creativity and dedication to your informal letter, you can use Canva, Crello, Evite, Designer, among other applications. 
  3. Start with an eraser. Although it is not mandatory, it will help you avoid the famous leaf smudges or dragging. If you use a digital tool, it will be much easier to start over. 
  4. When you start to write, try to use simple, close and direct language. Compared to writing a formal letter, here, the grammar and spelling rules are relaxed a bit. 
  5. Do not forget to place the elements of an informal letter that we showed you previously so that your letter has a thread and your friend, family member or close person understands the message perfectly. 

And ready! Now that you know what an informal letter is and how to make an informal letter with all its elements. There is no longer an excuse for not showing our love and affection towards our loved ones with a casual handwritten note.

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