How to clean a garbage disposal?

How to clean a garbage disposal?

Whether you are a private house owner or a restaurateur, very few people like to deal with their garbage cans. Even so, from time to time, it is simply necessary to clean the garbage cans. Otherwise, the bin will start to stink, or maggots will nestle. In this article, we read about How to clean a garbage disposal?

Commercial enterprises such as hotels, restaurants, or housing companies can have the rubbish bin cleaning done. If you would like to lend a hand yourself or are looking for tips to avoid the unpleasant smell, this is the right place for you.

1. Clean the garbage can: Use vinegar against bacteria

The bin for household waste or the commercial waste bin for companies is the most widely used garbage container. Accordingly, dirt can quickly accumulate on the floor and the sides. Vinegar is an effective and inexpensive means of cleaning garbage cans. It kills the bacteria in the bin.

To do this, fill the bin with a mixture of warm water and a little vinegar. Let the combination take effect. If necessary, you can also scrub the inside of the garbage can with a brush to clean a garbage disposal. A toilet brush is ideal for this. It should, of course, only be used for this purpose. You can also clean the edge of the lid with vinegar.

Finally, let the garbage dry well, preferably in the air. You can place them open and upside down on newspaper so that the moisture runs out. Please do not use the bin again until it is dry. Otherwise, mold may develop.

Alternatively, you can also use soda or washing-up liquid to clean the garbage can. You can proceed in the same way as described above for the vinegar-water mixture.

2. Clean the organic waste bin: vinegar or detergent

When it comes to stinking garbage cans, most homeowners immediately think of the organic garbage can. Leftovers and kitchen waste quickly start to rot – and stink – especially when it is warm. To clean the organic waste bin, you can proceed in the same way as cleaning the residual waste bin. Pour warm water with a bit of vinegar or washing-up liquid into the barrel and let it work for a moment. If necessary, scrub the chest with a brush. For the catering industry, we offer bins for unpackaged food waste to clean a garbage disposal. The containers are emptied through the exchange: the filled bin is replaced by a clean, disinfected bin so that the catering business does not have to deal with cleaning the garbage can in this case.

3. Maggots in the garbage can: water, vinegar essence, and salt will help

In summer, residual waste bins and organic waste bins don’t just start to stink quickly. Larvae can also develop in the chest. These unsavory lodgers come from flies that lay their eggs in the trash can.

However, a cheap remedy helps against maggots in the garbage can or organic waste bin. Most homeowners should have the ingredients at home for this too. Mix the salt, vinegar essence, and water and put the mixture in the garbage can. After the appropriate exposure time, let the barrel dry well in the air.

You can easily prevent maggots in the garbage can and especially in the organic garbage can. Permanently close the lid of the bin so that the flies do not even get in. If that does happen, simple home remedies can prevent fly larvae from forming in the garbage cans to clean a garbage disposal. To do this, you can, for example, spread some cold ointment on the inside and outside of the lid or hang a mothball in a women’s stocking in the bin.

It is also essential to keep moisture out of the bin or to collect it.

4. Prevent stink in the garbage can with home remedies

A clean garbage can is the best remedy for stink. After you have cleaned your bin, you can ensure that the garbage can stays clean and does not give off an unpleasant smell – and that the next garbage can cleaning will not be necessary again so quickly.

To catch moisture that runs out of the garbage, you can cover the bottom of the garbage can with, for example, newspaper, old egg cartons made of cardboard/wood pulp, or sawdust from untreated wood. You can also put some cat litter in the residual waste bin. Wrap leftover food or kitchen waste in newspaper or kitchen paper before throwing it in the organic or residual waste bin.

Home remedies can also help to prevent stinks in the garbage can. Coffee powder, vinegar, or baking soda neutralize odors. The latter also binds moisture. Vanilla essence, citrus peel, and peppermint extract are also helpful against stink. These are particularly suitable for the trash can in the apartment. A little detergent in the bin bag also prevents odor.

Also, make sure that the garbage can and the organic waste bin are in the shade in summer. The BAR (parent company of Berlin Recycling) also offers practical help for bio-waste: Here, you can purchase ventilated pre-sorting bins.  With these pre-sorting bins, organic waste can be collected and then disposed of in the organic waste bin or on the compost.

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