How to stop snorting?

How to stop snoring

Yoga breathing techniques to stop snoring or even vibrating bracelets, little finger rings to wear to the bed according to the dictates of Chinese medicine. There is no limit to ingenuity in the war against night snoring, and the classic nasal patches are now an old-style solution. Undermined by more modern silicone nasal dilators, specially designed dental appliances, or bracelets with an acoustic sensor that respond with the emission of an electric shock at the first signal of noise. Yet, before venturing blindly into the universe of the latest innovations in the industry, it is better to start from the bottom and change small habits of life or consult a sleep specialist in the most challenging cases.

Stops snoring better start with good habits

45% of healthy adults occasionally snore, while 25% snore habitually. Snoring is a sleep disorder, but if you sleep in the company, the problem is twofold: nights can become challenging even for partners or roommates. The origin of snoring is all in the airways: the air struggles to pass, so the tissues vibrate. According to experts, this all depends on various factors: first of all, the anatomical ones, that is, the conformation of the jaw or tongue. The deviation of the nasal septum, the increase in the volume of the mucous membrane that lines the turbinates (the ossicles of the nasal cavity), or the presence of polyps are also obstacles that create resistance to the normal flow of air and lead to breathing through the mouth.

What can you do? In the meantime, you can start by paying greater attention to your eating habits: to sleep well, it is essential to eat well: follow a healthy and balanced diet without giving up seasonal vegetables and fruit and a good amount of water (at least 2 liters a day). Hydration and the elimination of toxins are essential factors for good sleep. Still, it is also necessary to regain adequate weight and exercise. Two elements that help you feel better and breathe better. Some prohibitions are a must: limit alcohol as much as possible, especially in the evening, and stop smoking. Rest will benefit incredibly.

Stop snoring, advice from nature.

Natural remedies also come to the aid of those who cannot breathe well at night. One of the methods to stop snoring involves the preparation of natural compounds based on essential oils and bicarbonate to practice fumigations in the evening before going to bed. These remedies help clear the airways that are often blocked due to seasonal colds and chronic allergies. It is known that people with respiratory allergies tend to snore more. Decongestants and antihistamines, or seasonal prevention, are suitable for allergy sufferers. It is also recommended to prevent dust from accumulating on furniture, carpets, and curtains, as these factors make the problem worse.

Furthermore, there are many essential oils able to relieve snoring. Thanks to their decongestant and disinfectant properties. Put a few drops of mint. Eucalyptus, pine, or juniper directly in the humidifiers. During the night. They will give off a beneficial aroma that can open the nasal passages.

Dry air, for its part, makes the ailment worse. It is humidifying the room or washing the nasal passages with water and salt help. In the second case. It is enough to mix half a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda in a cup of water at room temperature. Once ready, apply a few drops to the nasal cavities.

In addition, there are effective sprays based on plant ingredients. When sprayed in the throat. Lubricate the soft tissues. Limiting their vibration and. Therefore, the noise is produced by snoring. In the cold season. Doors open to sage or nettle infusions. Add a tablespoon of dried leaves to a cup of boiling water, cover, and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Filter and drink before bedtime. Continuing the theme of breathing. Yoga can do its part during the night. Working on techniques to strengthen the muscles around the throat naturally reduces the tendency of the tissues to vibrate.  

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