How to get rid of fever?

How to get rid of fever?

Your nose is dripping, your throat is scratchy and your head is booming: Anyone who has a nasty cold wants to get rid of it quickly. These turbo agents will help you. In this article, we read about How to get rid of fever?

Sometimes a runny nose, cough, and sore throat overtake you when you least expect it. For example, when there is an important meeting the next morning that you absolutely need to be present at. But help is coming – in the form of simple SOS tricks that will get you back on your feet quickly.

Often you only have one kind of approach that subsides after a few days. Especially if it’s not the flu caused by influenza viruses. Then you have the opportunity to help the healing process a little and to alleviate the symptoms at an early stage.

SOS tricks – get rid of cold symptoms quickly in 24 hours

The British professor Ron Eccles even claims that with certain anti-cold tricks you can get rid of your symptoms within just 24 hours. If you stick to it step by step, you will quickly get well again. The 24-hour plan looks like this:

Seven o’clock

Start the day with a hot shower. Coldwater perks up tired bones, but it can be counterproductive if you have a cold to get rid of fever. The hot steam, on the other hand, loosens any mucus from the nose and soothes irritated and inflamed airways.

Eight o’clock

Healthy breakfast with lots of fruit. If you choose oatmeal, you are doing your body a lot of good. The now revealed studies. They are rich in trace elements – and certain ingredients are even said to have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect to get rid of fever. If you also combine this with natural yogurt, nuts, and berries or apples, you will get a powerful vitamin kick to start the day.

Ten o’clock

Instead of a coffee or snack break, treat yourself to a delicious thyme tea with honey. According to Eccles, the medicinal plant is supposed to loosen phlegm, relax the bronchial muscles and strengthen the immune system. The honey also inhibits inflammation in the body and has an antibacterial effect.

Twelve o’clock

During the lunch break, you should briefly go into the fresh air and fill up with oxygen. In addition, a brisk walk will get your circulation going again.

1 p.m

Afterward, there is a hearty chicken soup – it provides a good protein kick to strengthen the body against viruses and the like. It also has an anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect. The reason for this: The soup reduces the activity of the white blood cells, which are responsible for the symptoms of colds.

3 p.m

For many, the time has come again for a small snack or a coffee break. For you, however, there is again a thyme tea with honey and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. However, if you are on the move, you can also use Icelandic moss. The medicinal plant relieves irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat and is effective against sore throats or irritable coughs to get rid of fever. They are often available as a syrup or to spray or suck on when you are on the go.

6 p.m

As soon as you get home, you should take it easy and relax. In the evening you should eat a lot of vegetables with ginger, chili, garlic, and curry. These spices have long been valued in naturopathy for their antibacterial properties.

9.30 p.m

After a healthy dinner and more tea, you should end the evening in peace and go to bed early. If you also take a hot foot bath or steam bath, you give viruses the rest. Finally, the moist steam dissolves possible mucus from your nose and bronchi and you can breathe easily again to get rid of fever. Those who also add essential oils to the water relax the senses and prepare the body for a restful night. In addition, going to bed early also means that you sleep a lot and for a long time. This allows the body to regenerate and build enough defense cells.

Here you can find out how else you can nip a cold in the bud at the first sign.

Does Vitamin C Really Help Against Colds?

However, you should better avoid high-dose vitamin C or zinc supplements. Whether you can really fight cold or flu effectively has not yet been clarified or even adequately scientifically proven. “Be more careful about what you eat every day,” said Joan Salge Blake, professor of nutritional science at Boston University.

“The only real prevention of the common cold is a good, balanced diet, ” he advises. “Only in the case of massive undersupply, such as long-term malnutrition, is the body’s immune system weakened from the start and therefore more vulnerable to a cold,” says Blake.

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